Saving Oregon

The Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 2960 which requires all employers to provide employees access to a retirement plan starting as early as November 2017.

The State of Oregon is rolling out their plan option called OregonSaves but it is not your only option.


Considering OregonSaves?

If you are nervous about Oregon’s history of administering benefit plans, we say you should stick with a retirement plan with a more proven roll-out plan than previous state pension plans.

Compare our Cardinal 401(k) plan to the OregonSaves option below.

Outsource responsibility to Cardinal Services

Compare your duties under the state run program vs. our Cardinal 401(k) plan.



with OregonSaves

  • Formally Adopt Plan
  • Determine Eligibility
  • Enroll Employees
  • Setup Employee Files
  • Withhold Funds
  • Remit Funds
  • Answer Questions
  • Retain Records
  • Report to State


with Cardinal 401(k)

  • Formally Adopt Plan



Cardinal 401(k)

Administrative Fees 0.90% of Assets 0.20% to 0.85% of Assets
Fund Fees 0.06% to 0.13% of Assets0.05% for comparable funds
Compliance FeesCost of Administering PlanEmployer roles mostly eliminated



Cardinal 401(k)

ArchitectureClosed-no changesOpen
Fund Choices1341 in base configuration
Auto Enrollment
Financial AdvisorNoneFree on demand