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Casinos are huge businesses, and as such, they need a lot of help from outside sources in order to run smoothly. One such source is payroll companies. Payroll companies provide various services to casinos, including the processing of employee paychecks and the tracking of employee hours. This helps casinos keep track of their expenses while you have a win instant cash online now south africa and ensure that they are properly reimbursing their employees for all the work they do.

Casinos rely on payroll companies to handle the myriad of tasks necessary to running a successful business. From providing accurate paychecks to tracking employee hours, these companies play an important role in the casino industry. While some casinos contract out specific services, most rely on a single payroll company to provide a comprehensive suite of services.

Payroll companies are essential to the casino industry because they provide accurate paychecks, track employee hours, and help manage taxes. In addition, payroll companies offer other valuable services such as human resources consulting and accounting support. By working with a reputable payroll company, casinos can minimize the time and effort needed to run their businesses.

Payroll That’s Easy, Reliable & Done in Minutes

Tired of costly mistakes, poor communication, and a one-size-fits-all approach that never seems to work? Get peace of mind that your payroll will be done right the first time with a plan customized to your needs.

Fast, Easy, Full Service Payroll Processing

Get automatic payroll tax filing, employee benefits, health insurance, 401(k), workers’ comp, custom reporting, and integrations with your other systems.

Payroll Services Tailored to Your Business

Enjoy additional features like quarterly and year-end reporting, tax filing, and compliance protection to protect your biggest investment: your employees.

Protect Your Business with Full Service Co-Employment

Let us handle your payroll, workers’ comp coverage, staffing, and HR needs while you focus on what you do best — not tedious paperwork and admin tasks.

Get More Bang for Your Buck — and No Surprises

We offer competitive, clear pricing based on your payroll cycle and number of employees, while delivering a higher quality of service than the competition.

Better Communication, Fewer Headaches

Expert help is just a phone call away, making sure your needs are resolved quickly and effectively. Our experienced team goes above and beyond to make your life easy.

Experience the Difference of a Local, Personalized Touch

Every member of our team is highly experienced, invested in your business, and ready to meet any request without hesitation.

“The quality of service we’re getting is 100 times better than what we were getting with Paychex and we pay less for an entire month than what we were paying with for two weeks…and the quality of service — there’s no comparison.”

Karen Comfort
CMO, Comfort Construction

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You can expect the job to be done right the first time with our team in your corner, working hand-in-hand with you to make your business successful. Businesses that partner with a professional employer like Cardinal grow 7% faster, reduce turnover by 25%, and are 50% less likely to fail.

Reach out and discover why hundreds of employers have trusted Cardinal since 1984.

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Cardinal Services helps businesses of all shapes and sizes in the Pacific Northwest with their payroll, staffing, workers’ comp, and HR needs — from mom-and-pop shops to national brands.

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Whether you’re looking for payroll, staffing, workers’ comp coverage, or an all-in-one HR solution, our friendly team can put together services tailored to your unique business needs.

Hiring & Staffing

Hire right the first time! Bad hiring causes a high percentage of business failures.

Workers’ Comp

Quickly and easily get workers’ comp coverage — even in some high risk industries.


Let us handle all your employment needs, from hiring to payroll to workers’ comp and more.

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