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Employers are now guilty until proven innocent.

Employer Alert – SB 483   Oregon’s Anti-Retaliation Law Now in Effect  What’s New   On June 15, 2021, the Oregon Governor signed SB 483 into law, effective immediately. This bill extends protections for workplace whistleblowers in Oregon, making it easier for workers to claim retaliation if punished or terminated by their employers after making a workplace complaint. The SB483 law says, if an employee makes a complaint about employment matters or safety, and is terminated within […]

Employee Exit Interviews

Want an honest, insider view of your business? Do employee exit interviews!  Why Should I do Employee Exit Interviews in 2021?  It’s a tough job market for employers. Understanding why your employees choose to leave provides insight on how to retain good workers. Performing an exit interview with a departing employee can be a source of unfiltered, insider information that gives you valuable intel about the inner workings of your business. By asking the right […]

Recruiting Tips for a Tough Job Market

Some tips to help you find and keep good workers!  COVID-19 Recruiting—Time to address the elephant in the room! Many employers believe that the extra UI benefits many workers are receiving as a result of the pandemic have drastically reduced the incentive for the unemployed to look for work.  And while this belief may be true, it is not the only reason there is a missing labor force. Many potential workers still have childcare or […]