Monthly Archives: October 2018

Ask HR: Can compassion override policy?

Dear HR, One of our great new hires failed to follow appropriate call-in policy before missing work.  We are aware that they had a death in the family – so we want to be kind and help our employee through this tough period, but how do we do that while still upholding our company policies and procedures?   HR Answer: Employers often find themselves competing for good employees and struggling to retain the ones they […]

What Employers Need to Know about Veterans Day

Veterans Day is Sunday, November 11th –   Request for Veterans Day Off: Employees who are veterans (as defined by Oregon law) and are scheduled to work on Veterans Day, may ask for that day off. These employees must provide 21 days’ prior notice of their intent to take that day off by October 21, 2018, and document their status as a qualifying veteran.   Request Consideration Upon receipt of this request, an employer must […]

Ask HR: New Hire unable to complete drug test.

Dear HR, Upon completing the new hire steps – which include a drug test – our potential new hire let us know that they were unable to provide a timely urine sample due to a medial condition. We have never had this happen before, how do we proceed with hiring?   HR Answer: Drug testing—always a challenge and always grounds for suspicious behavior? Let’s face it, when it comes to whether or not someone is […]

Ask HR: Do I have a “Reasonable Suspicion” drug test situation?

Dear HR, We had a customer call and complain that when they got their vehicle back from service, half a bottle of their prescription pain medication was missing. May I drug test the employees who worked on the job?   HR Answer: Great question – drug testing is usually performed pre-employment, post-accident, for reasonable suspicion, or at random. “Reasonable suspicion” does not typically mean possible theft; generally it refers to suspicious actions a person would exhibit […]

Ask HR: Transitioning from Hourly to Salary.

Dear HR, I am trying to move an employee from hourly to salary pay but unsure how to make that transition. Is it possible to pay them a salary if they work under 50 hours a week, and hourly if they work over 50 hours a week?   HR Answer: This is a complex question and has many exceptions to your desired request! Paying an employee a “salary” does not necessarily mean they are exempt […]