Monthly Archives: September 2016

Ask HR: Can we request PROOF for Sick Time used?

Dear HR, We have an employee, who seems to be using their accrued sick leave as quickly as they are earning it. They seem to be sick every Monday … Can we ask the specifics of the illness or demand a doctor’s note? Can we discipline or terminate for using excessive sick leave?   HR Answer: You typically have a bona fide business reason to ask questions to determine how to track absences and whether […]

Ask HR: Cell Phone Policy Help!

Dear HR, My employees seem to be on their cell phones all the time. Am I allowed to implement a policy stating that every employee must leave their cell phone in a cubby during working hours?  Breaks and lunch would not be included.   HR Answer: Yes you may implement a cell phone policy and focus should be on ‘enforcing the policy’. If you would like assistance adding new policy to your handbook, please feel […]