Reduce Turnover

Hiring mistakes cost an average of $14,000.

Not surprisingly, 30{0c2d428c3cefef4a77c472786cabf3d957ca1c1fde265c02f19cd1ec2d7db907} of business failures are due to poor hiring practices.

Nationwide, employment turnover averages 42{0c2d428c3cefef4a77c472786cabf3d957ca1c1fde265c02f19cd1ec2d7db907}.
With a Professional Employer you can reduce turnover 10{0c2d428c3cefef4a77c472786cabf3d957ca1c1fde265c02f19cd1ec2d7db907}-14{0c2d428c3cefef4a77c472786cabf3d957ca1c1fde265c02f19cd1ec2d7db907}.


Reduce Turnover stats

Turnover is approached two ways:

  1. HIRE RIGHT.  80{0c2d428c3cefef4a77c472786cabf3d957ca1c1fde265c02f19cd1ec2d7db907} of turnover is due to bad hiring.  Expand your talent pool and improve your odds of getting the right person the first time.
  2. RETAIN THE RIGHT PEOPLE.  Easier said than done.



Keys to Reduce Turnover:

  1. JOB FIT.  Does the Employee deliver what the Employer needs; and vice-versa?
  2. SUPERVISOR FIT.  Supervisors are the #1 cause of job dissatisfaction. Outsourcing gives Employers success tools.


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