Payroll Cure

Free Payroll


Seriously, PAY NOTHING until 2021.

If you and all employees enroll for paperless enroll and delivery for all options ... we are waiving the following:
  • No Setup fee (up to $400 value)
  • No Paycycle processing fees
  • No Transaction fees

What’s the catch?

Everything has to be done paperless.


Why choose Cardinal Services?

We are the Pacific Northwest’s leading full-service professional employer. Since 1984, we’ve been a trusted colleague of business owners because we offer a full suite of customizable workplace solutions customized to fit any type of business or industry.

Beyond payroll services, Cardinal can provide new employee recruitment, screening and on-boarding services; on-demand HR expertise, safety and risk management consulting; access to health and qualified retirement plans; affordable co-employment options—and the peace of mind which comes from partnering with an expert!

All YOU have to do ...

  • Paperless Employee Pay
  • Electronic Time Tracking
  • ACH Invoicing



Regular fees apply after promotional period ends.

No fee to cancel.  New employee paperwork must be complete 7 business days prior to first payroll run.

Electronic Timecard

Report from a digital time and attendance system, or use a worksheet we provide.

Direct Deposit

Employees are paid electronically. Un-banked employees will be provided a debit card.

ACH Funding

ACH withdrawals to fund net payroll, tax, and any payments to third parties.


Cardinal’s full-service payroll program handles all of your payroll administration.

Completely taking the burden off of you and your staff.

We’re experts when it comes to tracking, calculating and recording employee payroll, including completing all the tracking/reporting requirements for COVID-19 programs. No manual entry, your taxes are filed and deposited quarterly and your employees will get paid on your selected schedule.