Compliance is doing the minimum to meet with the law or rules. And sometimes doing the bare minimum is perfectly acceptable. Why would you create extra work when it is not needed? Or pay more for something when the basic model will do?

Other times your business may need to go beyond the basics. A good example is safety. A one size fits all government rule may not fit your needs. You can go beyond what is required.


For example, a janitorial company often has some sprays that require safety glasses and others that do not. Why not simplify the safety glasses rule to be the use of ANY spray requires the use of safety glasses?


And there might be others times that where you should follow industry norms. Just make sure industry norms do not run afoul of other rules or laws – contact Cardinal for help with this.


Here are just a smattering of requirements that employers need to be in compliance with:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – Staying up to date with the current OSHA laws and regulations is a hand full. You could read the whole rule book or just let us help you out.
  • Labor Law – Compliance is imposed through the Bureau of Labor and Industries or civil suits filed by employees.
  • Payroll – This routine task has become increasingly complex with new laws on things like missed wages, and is enforced by the Wage and Hour Division.

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The cost of getting any of this wrong can vary. OSHA is limited to a statutorily defined method in computing fines. In reality there is some latitude. On the other extreme civil suits have no theoretical limit and can result in awards in the millions.

The best defense is to set up systems and controls, do training and follow best practices. All of this requires expertise. You could consult an attorney for every one of your decisions but that is not practical advice in all but the most extreme cases. Cardinal does not give legal advice but we do have expertise advising our clients with best practices in a timely manner.

We provide quick and effective answers to get you back on track running your business.