New Oregon State & Fed Laws for 2020 are now in force! With employment laws rapidly changing and evolving, it is important for employers to annually review and revise their employee handbooks to ensure that their policies, practices, and procedures are compliant with federal, state, and local laws. The Hot List Does your current company handbook have the latest information on the following new Oregon laws and regulations that went into effect on January 1, […]


U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services releases new I-9 Form – Employers must begin using it by May 1, 2020. EMPLOYERS USING OUTDATED I-9 FORMS RISK COSTLY VIOLATIONS The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have released a new Form I-9, and employers must begin using it by May 1, 2020. Employers may continue to use the previous form through the deadline, but for convenience, employers may begin using the new form now. To stay compliant, […]

When is “Harassment” NOT Harassment?

Understanding the definitions of a Hostile Work Environment and Workplace Harassment HARASSMENT means different things in different settings to different people. People will often say they’re being harassed when they’re actually being pestered or bothered. At work, harassment has a specific legal meaning. It is recommended that those in the workplace, especially supervisors, reserve the word “harassment” for conduct that meets the specific legal definition. Here’s the definition:  Unwelcome conduct + bad behavior based on […]

Ask HR: Sexual Harassment Complaint

Dear HR, We just received our first possible sexual harassment complaint. One of our female dockworkers was loading some inventory when a male employee came up and offered to help.  She declined the help, instead suggesting another co-worker (who is male) was struggling with his load and could use some help. The “helpful” employee grabbed the back of her neck, pulled her towards himself, and made direct eye contact with her while still smiling directly […]

BOLI Earned Income Tax Credit

Download resources Earned Income Tax Credit Notice must be provided with employee’s federal W-2 by regular or electronic mail, by hand-delivery, or in the same electronic manner that the employer provides the employee’s federal form W-2. Learn more …

Expanded Pregnancy-Related Accommodations

Beginning January 1, 2020, Oregon employers with six or more employees must provide pregnant job seekers and employees with reasonable accommodations for a wider array of pregnancy related medical conditions. Under this new law, employers must provide reasonable accommodations for any known limitations related to pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, or related medical conditions. Some common accommodations include: Equipment or worksite modifications More frequent or longer breaks Assistance with manual labor Work schedule or job duty adjustments […]

W-4 Form Changes: Goodbye Exemptions

The 2020 Form W-4 is very different from previous versions. This is due to the federal tax law changes that took place in 2018. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not requiring all employees to complete the revised form and has designed the withholding tables so that they will work with both the new and prior year forms. Employees required to use the new form: Those hired in 2020 Anyone who makes withholding changes during […]

Holiday Gift Giving To Employees

A little thoughtfulness and sensitivity go a long way to preventing HR mishaps! The holiday season is a time when business owners want to reward their employees with something a little extra.  Besides a holiday bonus, giving that “little something extra” often takes the form of parties and gifts. But beware!  Holiday gift-giving can quickly become an unintentional HR issue –so now is NOT the time to dismiss the idea of being politically correct. To […]

Ask HR: How to handle seasonal lay offs.

Dear HR, We are going to be laying off employees sporadically throughout the winter. We won’t be able to predict precisely when because our business is weather and road condition related. How can we be responsible employers and let our staff know? Are there any details we need to consider? HR Answer, Giving advance notice provides employees and their families time to transition and adjust to the prospective loss of employment may be legally required. […]

How to set up an Employee bonus the smart way!

Did you have a good year? Rewarding your staff for a job well done is a key to retaining good employees. Why not celebrate the work you and your employees accomplished! If you’re planning on giving your employees a bonus, or thinking about it, Cardinal has important Tax information that you need to know about end of the year employee bonuses and options for how to set them up in your payroll system. IRS INFO […]